“Mica Pizza e Fichi” New television partnership for Valcolatte

A new important national collaboration for Valcolatte which from Sunday 18 October will be partner of the “Mica Pizza e Fichi” program broadcast on La7 every Sunday at 12.20. An important promotional initiative that will see the main products of the company as protagonists: Mozzarella in a 400g block, RiCcotta and the brand new Spalmabile RiCcotta and 100g Lactose Free Mozzarella.

The ten episodes will accompany the digital series of #MPEF “on line” on La7.it.

At the helm of both always Tinto, who in the television program will accompany us on a journey in which the world of cooking, this time, will meet and merge with that of fiction. His guests on TV, in fact, will be writers and writers ready to taste the menus of twenty great Italian pizza chefs.

A meeting between two different talents, that of those who know how to excite with words and that of those who know how to do it with flavors. A comparison at the end of which we will discover that a pizza made to perfection and a good book are daily pleasures not so distant from each other.

The cast will consist of twenty of the most renowned Italian pizza chefs: Gino Sorbillo, Renato Bosco, Francesco Martucci, Pier Daniele Seu, Michele Colpo, Giovanni Ricciardella, Massimiliano Fraccarolo, Petra Antolini, Valentino Tafuri, Paola Cappuccio, Luca Doro, Vincenzo Esposito, Marco Quintili, Eleonora Massaretti, Luca Pezzetta, Gianni Di Lella, Riccardo Furlani, Mirko Petracci, Tommaso Vatti and Francesco Capece.

The writers who will taste their creations together with Tinto will be: Claudio Pelizzeni, Chiara Moscardelli, Sio, Alessia Gazzola, Massimo Lugli, Alessandro Perissinotto, Emma Piazza, Luca Ricci, Yole Signorelli and Federica Bosco.

Ten episodes in which flavors blend with words, scents with stories. A journey to discover a world, that of pizza, increasingly evolving, in constant balance between tradition and innovative drive.

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